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Free shipping to Poland for orders above 100 zł!

Shipping & delivery

Our postcards safely reach the farthest corners of the world!


We ship to all the countries around the world. All orders are sent via priority service of the Polish Post. Most of our orders within Europe are delivered in 7 - 14 days and it takes 14-30 days to deliver them to other continents. Cost of delivery depends on the weight of the package.

We put extra care to make sure that your postcards will safely reach destination. See how we will package your order.

1. First postcards and other ordered items are packed in plastic bags.

Postards are packed in plastic bags.

2. Then they are wrapped in bubble foil.

Postards are packed in plastic bags.

3. And at the end postcards are placed into cardboard boxes which are extra protected on corners using tape. 


Thanks to this, they will safely reach any destination!