Isy Ochoa

Isy Ochoa

Isy, born in Paris, works in her Loir Valley atelier in France.

She is a graduate of the École Supérieure d'Arts Graphiques, Met de Penninghen, and Académie Julian.

Using a brilliance of colors, Isy's work captures the energy and pleasures of life as we would try to hold them in our most vivid and cherished memories.

She is known for her work for the French Post Office, having painted originals for multiple series of stamps. Isy also has a large following for her « nature-mortes » (still life) and cats. 



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Przepiękne pocztówki, ślicznie zapakowane i na pewno będę polecać wasz biznes wszystkim znajomym! :))

Olga, Poland


Przepiękne pocztówki, szybka dostawa, nic dodać nic ująć :)

Angelika, Poland

Thank you so much for my package with wonderful postcards. I`m happy about the extra postcards your sent me as a gift. I like them all.

Marion, United States of America