Wiktor Najbor

Wiktor Najbor

First of all, I draw above all for myself. I work a lot, I put my hands on every painting techniques.

I experience and acquire more technical abilities. Slowly, I reach the second important step of my professional path. 

I reached my first artistic success in Geneva, where I lived and worked for 2 years. Once I came back to Poland, I was not only enriched from my experience but also convinced that painting was my vocation.

I have been following this path so far. In the meantime, I participated to several group and individual exhibitions and today I have finally my own art gallery.


Cracow, Poland

Website: http://www.najbor.com.pl

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Przepiękne pocztówki, świetnie wykonane, szybka wysyłka, miła obsługa. Dziękuję za prezent- kartkę z kotkiem. Polecam!

Karla1991, Poland


Ty for the quick and neat priority-delivery, that professional incl. a small gift - always a pleasure 

dreamlady66, Germany

Kristina Mokijčiukaitė

I order postcards to Lithuania, got it today and there was a gift. Postcards are beautiful. Thank you very much :)

Kristina Mokijčiukaitė, Lithuania