Marcin Łukawski

Marcin Łukawski

Nature photographer with several years of experience. Ambitious, looking for unusual frames and light, but still waiting for this one picture that has himself in the head. Smiling romantic and dreamer, but with his feet firmly planted on the ground. Winner many awards, text writer, creator of photographic exhibitions and competitions juror. His photographs can be found in scientific and natural publications, albums, brochures and information boards.

Organizes and conducts workshops on photography and landscapes. His photos are used for collecting funds for the protection and conservation of nature, educational programs and projects of non-profit organizations.

Mainly photographs birds and mammals, because he considers them to be the biggest challenge of photographic experience while effectively maintaining a sufficiently high level of adrenaline.

Meticulous and thoroughly prepares the place and time of photographic ambush to hours or even days of wait for his "model". Adheres To the principle of 'no risk no gain' which even got into big trouble a few times.


Warsaw, Poland


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