Karolina Piętoń

Karolina Piętoń

Drawing is my hobby. I love to create magical worlds and telling their colorful history. Welcome to the Land of Color: kolorowomi.com.pl and colourful facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kolorowomii
My profession and passion is graphic design, besides it, I like books, movies, decoupage, board games and owls!


Białystok, Poland

Website: kolorowomi.com.pl

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Kristina Mokijčiukaitė

I order postcards to Lithuania, got it today and there was a gift. Postcards are beautiful. Thank you very much :)

Kristina Mokijčiukaitė, Lithuania


After receiving my first package I can surely say that I am already looking forward to order from here again - extremely beautiful, carefully packed and of great quality postcards (and the gift card was a pleasant surprise that I loved as well). Thank you!

Milda, United Kingdom


Hello, I recieved my last package very fast! Thank you for the nice cards!

Lara, Netherlands