Karolina Piętoń

Karolina Piętoń

Drawing is my hobby. I love to create magical worlds and telling their colorful history. Welcome to the Land of Color: kolorowomi.com.pl and colourful facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kolorowomii
My profession and passion is graphic design, besides it, I like books, movies, decoupage, board games and owls!


Białystok, Poland

Website: kolorowomi.com.pl

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Customer testimonials

Thank you so much for my package with wonderful postcards. I`m happy about the extra postcards your sent me as a gift. I like them all.

Marion, United States of America


The first order came in a week ago. I was looking for it and everything was perfect. Every postcard is beautiful and the quality is really high. I'd say I'm very satisfied and I've already made another order. Also, the team added two postcards as a gift.Sofi

Sofia, Bulgaria


I have just received my order. Postcards are amazing! They sent me also two lovely cards as gift and a bookmark. And also the invoice is decorated with a nice drawed post it. Small things but so lovely. Thanks a lot ! I will order again for sure !

Elena, Italy