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Poland - Love to be here... - Krzyżtopór

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Krzyżtopór is a castle located in the village of Ujazd, in southern Poland. Construction started in 1621 and was completed in ca. 1644. The castle was partially destroyed during the Swedish invasion known as The Deluge in 1655 and then reduced to ruin during the war of the Bar Confederation by the Russians in 1770. The castle is a typical example of the so-called palazzo in fortezza. the castle once had 365 windows (as many as days of the year), 52 rooms (as many as weeks of the year) and 12 ballrooms (as many as months of the year).

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Przepiękne pocztówki, ślicznie zapakowane i na pewno będę polecać wasz biznes wszystkim znajomym! :))

Olga, Poland


Przepiękne pocztówki, szybka dostawa, nic dodać nic ująć :)

Angelika, Poland

Thank you so much for my package with wonderful postcards. I`m happy about the extra postcards your sent me as a gift. I like them all.

Marion, United States of America